[service_box title=”Education: Flexible Options” icon=”no” text=”Engage students can enroll in any college or university of their choice that offers online/distance education while serving with Engage. Students do not have to go through one of the Engage partner schools. Engage students are required to maintain a full class load of 9-15 credits (unless special permission is granted). During summer months and/or summer internships students are not required to take classes. Time is structured into weekly schedules at each Engage site to ensure proper attention is given to studies.” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self”]

[service_box title=”Engage Partner Schools” icon=”no” text=”The following A/G schools offer online distance education for Engage students:” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self”]

Evangel University

Global University

Northwest University

Southwestern A/G University
(Offers 50% tuition grant up to 60 credits for new students)

SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary

Valley Forge Christian College
(Offers 50% tuition grant up to 60 credits for new students)

North Central University
(No online courses but offers advanced standing/credit for experience post-program)


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